Humanitarian Operations

Logistics Emergency Team

The Logistics Emergency Team (LET) is comprised of four of the largest global logistics and transport companies, and supports the United Nations World Food Programme-led Logistics Cluster. Through LET and its bilateral partnerships, Agility has responded to 80+ humanitarian crises, and supported preparedness projects in multiple countries since 2006.

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LET Disaster Response Operations

Our Approach to Disaster Response


Agility always works in partnership with humanitarian organizations, and always at their invitation.

Emergency Response

Agility donates both logistics expertise in the form of our logisticians, as well as in-kind support like transport or warehousing services for relief supplies.

Disaster Preparedness

Agility also supports disaster preparedness activities like logistics capacity assessments of major ports, airports, and roads, as well as humanitarian logistics training.

Agility's Humanitarian Partners

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Highlighted Humanitarian Projects

As part of the Logistics Emergency Teams (LET), Agility donated 2,000 sqm of warehouse for two months to store emergency food assistance for 750,000 people displaced by Hurricane Mathew in Haiti. In addition, a team of 11 experienced Agility logisticians flew into Haiti to support the relief efforts on the ground.

Humanitarian Operations

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