Recognized for strong ESG performance in a global index spanning 20 emerging markets

Latest Sustainability Reports

The 2023 Sustainability Report outlines efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, contribute to our communities, increase transparency, strengthen fair labor protections, improve safety, diversify our workforce, and build a culture of integrity. The 2023 Global Reporting Initiative table provides important data and details about Agility and its businesses, using a globally recognized ESG standard and reporting framework.

2023 Sustainability Report

2023 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Overview

Sustainability News and Insights

Sustainability is a critical element of supply chain efficiency, social and economic development, business growth and performance, trade and prosperity. Agility advocates for sustainability with many stakeholders on these issues to help improve sustainability performance for our businesses, our customers and our communities. Learn more about our advocacy and other activities here.

Our Human Rights Promise

As a leader in emerging markets, Agility takes its commitments to setting and enforcing high standards for the protection of human rights seriously. We believe that fair labor principles are an important foundation for global commerce.