Approach and Materiality

Our Strategy

Agility has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, and we aim to demonstrate leadership in responsible business practices across our sectors and regions. Being mindful of our impact on people and the planet supports the resilience and long-term success of our business. It is also the right thing to do.


We strive to facilitate economic and social development and aim to be a positive force in the communities where we operate.


We work to support essential infrastructure and services.


We support the vital shift towards a lower carbon future, while recognizing the need for a socially just transition in the regions where we operate. We are investing in innovative solutions to enable this transition in the key sector we support, while also working to minimize our own business footprint.

Our Material Issues

In 2022, we reassessed the social, environmental, economic, and governance issues relevant to our business — our “material” issues. This assessment was informed by interviews with key internal stakeholders and external partners, alongside a survey across our corporate business and subsidiaries. Here we share our Group-level assessment.

Agility Supports the Following Sustainability Development Goals


Responsibility for group governance and investments lies with Agility, the parent company. We set goals and standards and monitor progress. Each of our controlled businesses is responsible for executing its own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) roadmap, with specific priorities and activities depending on that business’s sector and geographic footprint. Our Board-level Sustainability Committee has oversight of all sustainability-related activities.

Sustainability Across Our Controlled Businesses

Our companies are at varying stages of their decarbonization and wider sustainability journeys. We focus on our three most financially, socially and environmentally material companies: Menzies, Tristar and ALP. Together, these three businesses account for more than 70% of revenue, 88% of headcount, and 90% of total emissions footprint (as of end 2022). We engage with our other companies on sustainability strategies and report where information is available.

Responsible Investment

We take minority stakes in listed and non-listed businesses, focusing on companies with the potential for strong returns and growth. Our aim is to invest responsibly. We are introducing a systematic process for screening investments against Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors as part of our due diligence process, and our growing portfolio of technology venture investments includes several companies with an environmental, social or governance (ESG) focus. Read more about our ESG investments.