Human Rights

Global Human Rights Standards

Agility implemented a rigorous fair labor program more than a decade ago. It contains high standards for human rights compliance, and includes management training and ongoing efforts to build awareness so that employees know their rights and how to exercise them.

Our 2025 Fair Labor Goals

100% of countries undertake human rights risks self assessments

100% of employees trained on human rights

100% of largest emerging market operations are audited every three years

Fair Labor Employee Training Video

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Agility ensures all employees have the right training and equipment to perform their job safely. Accommodations, when provided, are clean, safe and secure.

How Our Fair Labor Program Works

Self-Assessment conducted within the past year




There are four parts to our fair labor program. First, each year we ask our emerging markets operations to complete a self-assessment of their human rights risks, which we then combine with a market-based risk assessment based on recognized international standards that rate geographic and human rights risk. Second, all country management and HR employees go through management training, which includes real-world scenarios and applied-knowledge tests. Third, our Fair labor trainers roll out the program to all employees, along with detailed instructions on how to raise a concern via Agility or subsidiary reporting channels. Posters showing our human rights commitments are placed in offices, warehouses, and company accommodation where applicable. Finally, once the training is complete, an analysis is done and corrective actions plan created for the locality. An independent audit takes place once we address any situations that do not meet standards or comply with our policies. The audit cycle repeats every 3 years.

Our Human Rights Promise

Protection for complainants

Agility investigates all reported ethics grievances while protecting complainants. Agility forbids any retaliatory action toward anyone raising a grievance in good faith.

No child labor

Agility does not employ anyone under legal working age, and ensures no one under 18 works in hazardous conditions.

Health, safety & the environment

Agility ensures all employees have the right training and equipment to perform their jobs safely and healthily. Accommodations, when provided, are clean, safe and secure.

Freedom of association

Agility takes an open attitude towards collective bargaining, where permitted by law, and will not hinder the development of means for independent and free association.

No forced labor

We prohibit the use of forced labor, including labor demanded of employees because of their debt. We don’t tolerate agencies charging prospective employees illegal recruitment ‘fees’ or bribes, and will not hold passports without voluntary consent.

Fair work hours & wages

Agility strives to compensate employees fairly, and comply with all minimum or living wage requirements, overtime and benefit laws, we do not allow disciplinary measures that cause an employee to work without pay.

No discrimination & harassment

Agility does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, nationality, sexual preference, disability, or any other factors prohibited by applicable laws. Agility is committed to providing a work environment that is free from all types of harassment.

Community & stakeholder engagement

Establishing open dialogue with the communities in which we work is essential to identify and collaboratively address any fair labor issues in our supply chain.