LABCO, established in 1999, is the first locally owned, independent ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory in Kuwait.

LABCO provides third party quality control and assurance services, using scientific analytical data for microbiological and chemical testing, along with total quality management services.

LABCO is ISO 17025/2005 accreditation and has also received Good Laboratory Practices – GLP certification, ensuring that the prescribed process and high quality standards are adhered to for every test conducted, minimizing the possibility of errors to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Agility Subsidiary

LABCO owns one of the most sophisticated laboratories in Kuwait. The facility, spread over 750 sqm features dedicated areas for microbiological and chemical testing. Each of these areas is fully equipped with the latest technology for analytical equipment handled by highly qualified and experienced teams.

Optimum hygienic conditions are maintained throughout the facility, with special air-conditioning systems designed to cool and circulate fresh air and expel stale air after each single circulation. This helps maintain a sanitized atmosphere and prevents contamination.

LABCO Services

Microbiology and Chemical analysis

  • Food items and potable water
  • Pesticides and herbicides

Environmental Analysis, Testing and Monitoring

  • Air quality
  • Noise pollution
  • Hazardous waste
  • Soil and sludge
  • Medical waste
  • Industrial waste (before and after treatment)
  • Drug testing

Quality Assurance and ISO Consultancy

  • Analysis of all industrial products-confirmation of standards and specifications.
  • Comprehensive consultations, training and technical assistance for all categories of ISO / Quality Management Systems (QMS).