We specialize in growing and scaling operating businesses, and investing in supply chain innovation, sustainability and resilience. Want to help?

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What We Do

Behind the foods you eat, the car you drive, the brands you love, the medicine you need, there is a global supply chain. Behind that, there’s Agility. Agility is a global leader in supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation with 45,000+ employees across six continents.

Hear from Agility Leaders

Culture, Teams & Technology

Henadi Al-Saleh, Agility Chairperson

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Hear from Agility Leaders

How Agility Got Its Start

Toby Switzer, Chief Human Capital Officer

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Who We Are

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Digital has reshaped every industry and business. We deploy, develop and deliver world-class technologies and services that make the supply chain faster, cleaner, fairer and more efficient.

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Our people come from every continent and culture, but what they have in common is that they share a passion for serving customers and making a difference. We hire and promote people who bring smarts, energy and creativity to work every day.

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We create better access to markets for small and medium-sized businesses. We make sure emerging economies prosper from trade. We use technology to green the supply chain and help customers save money. We give back to our communities and work to protect our planet.

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We throw a lot at you. No two days at Agility are the same. Are you ready?

What You Need to Know About Us

Our Story

We took a small, state-owned warehousing company in the Middle East and turned it into a global powerhouse – one of the world’s top logistics providers. Today, we’re reinventing Agility. We offer supply chain services in high-growth markets. We develop digital platforms that broaden access to global trade. We invest in startups, entrepreneurs and companies that bring innovation to sustainability and e-commerce.

Our Culture

It’s in the name – Agility. We’re flexible, agile, fast-paced and diverse. We’re focused on finding ways to help our customers today, and looking over the horizon at ways to help them understand and conquer the challenges they will face tomorrow. We do that with a team that is one of the most diverse in any company and any industry you’ll ever find.

Our Communities

We make a difference. We contribute to our communities. We back education, employment and entrepreneurship initiatives for those who are underserved. We respond to humanitarian and refugee needs. We pioneer fair labor standards and look for ways to safeguard the environment.

What We Value

Integrity. Teamwork. Personal Service. Excellence. They sound simple. They’re not.