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Our Businesses

Agility is a pioneer in emerging markets. We build logistics parks, offer digitally-enabled freight forwarding, ecommerce logistics and last-mile delivery, fuel logistics, airport services, customs digitization, remote site services, and commercial real estate and facilities management.

Agility Logistics Parks

World-class warehousing and light-industrial facilities from the leading owner and operator of logistics parks across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.


Tristar is a global business, headquartered in Dubai, which offers end to end fuel logistics solutions to blue-chip clients including international and national oil companies and intergovernmental organizations.

Menzies Aviation

Largest aviation services company in world by number of countries.

GCC Services

Offering remote life support in the world’s most challenging environments

Technology Ventures

We offer more than just capital. Agility Ventures offers start-ups unrivaled access to a global network of resources, and the know-how to incubate, invest and scale the best ideas.


DSV is a global logistics powerhouse, with 70,000 employees in 90 countries. Its 2021 acquisition of Agility Global Integrated Logistics (GIL) made it the world’s third-largest freight forwarder. Agility is DSV’s second-largest shareholder.

Our Strategic Investments

Agility invests in companies that are transforming the supply chain. We focus on logistics and transportation, industrial real estate, and technologies and partnerships that drive innovation in e-commerce enablement, online freight, sustainable transport, and more.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our sustainability commitment is deep and for the long-term. We contribute to our communities, and back education and employment initiatives for those who are underserved. We respond to humanitarian needs. We champion fair labor standards in emerging markets, and look for ways to safeguard the environment.

Green Supply Chain

We partner with customers, suppliers, innovators and industry groups to remove carbon, waste and cost from the supply chain.

Fair Labor

We develop, monitor and enforce standards and practices that provide workers with fair wages, safeguard their rights, and protect them from abuses and exploitation.


Agility invests in social impact. Our primary focus is on humanitarian and refugee issues, as well as on the intersection between education, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for young people.