Humanitarian Operations

Logistics Emergency Team

The Logistics Emergency Team (LET) is comprised of four of the largest global logistics and transport companies, and supports the United Nations World Food Programme-led Logistics Cluster. Through LET and its bilateral partnerships, Agility has responded to 80+ humanitarian crises, and supported preparedness projects in multiple countries since 2006.

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LET Disaster Response Operations

Our Approach to Disaster Response


Agility always works in partnership with humanitarian organizations, and always at their invitation.

Emergency Response

Agility donates both logistics expertise in the form of our logisticians, as well as in-kind support like transport or warehousing services for relief supplies.

Disaster Preparedness

Agility also supports disaster preparedness activities like logistics capacity assessments of major ports, airports, and roads, as well as humanitarian logistics training.

Agility's Humanitarian Partners

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Highlighted Humanitarian Projects

In response to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia in September, the UN Global Logistics Cluster was activated. The LET were asked to move cargo, including shelter materials, life support, food, health, and water/sanitation materials, into the disaster affected area, and to design an operational supply chain for national and international humanitarian aid organizations – putting their training to immediate use.

Humanitarian Operations

Following a massive flood, Agility Peru provided transportation support to move more than 400 tons of aid material to support flood victims.

Humanitarian Operations

During Yemen’s massive cholera outbreak that affected more than 500,000 people, Agility procured and delivered a 20-foot refrigerated shipping container to the UN Global Logistics Cluster. The container is being used to store critical medicine in refrigerated conditions.

Humanitarian Operations

Supporting Red Cross missions after flooding, Agility Thailand’s 316 volunteers contributed multiple truck deliveries of flood relief items to 16,300 people in 12 flood-stricken provinces covering more than 22,000km.

Humanitarian Operations

When Bangladesh suffered a severe flood, Agility Bangladesh procured, delivered and distributed relief supplies to 1,000 families.

Humanitarian Operations

Agility launched a global fundraising campaign to raise funds to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The proceeds from this project went toward a cash transfer program for Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

Humanitarian Operations

Following Puerto Rico’s two devastating hurricanes, Irma and Maria, the Agility USA team in Chicago, Illinois, raised money and conducted a food drive to benefit friends, family and others affected by the storms and subsequent power loss.

Humanitarian Operations

After Hurricane Harvey, Agility USA employees raised more than $52,000 in donations for necessary supplies for Houston-based co-workers who experienced housing and other material losses.

Humanitarian Operations

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