Our Values

Our values of integrity, personal ownership, teamwork and excellence are at the heart of our culture.


A new logistics leader meeting the challenges of global trade


Facilitating trade through innovative supply chain solutions


Doing the right thing. Taking personal responsibility to provide personal service. Working inclusively and collaboratively across diverse teams. Dedicating ourselves to excellence. We encourage, celebrate and reward these values because they are essential to the promises we’ve made to our customers, communities, investors, suppliers and employees.


Building trust with customers, communities, suppliers and one another by doing what is right, working safely, keeping our promises, being socially and environmentally responsible, complying with regulations and laws, and honoring rules of engagement.

Personal Ownership

Taking personal responsibility for the outcome of our actions by acting safely and anticipating needs, being resourceful and following through until the job is done.


Working across organization and cultural boundaries to achieve extraordinary performance and deliver personal service to customers.


Building a culture based on excellence in thought and in execution to better serve customers. Demonstrating​ excellence in safety to protect our staff and the communities we serve.