With regards to the KSE announcement dated 13 April 2010 , Agility is pleased with the decision of the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) to seek voluntary dismissal of the superseding indictment against its affiliate Agility DGS Logistics Services Company K.S.C.C.. This is the second time DoJ has sought to dismiss an indictment it brought against an Agility affiliate, the other being Agility DGS Holdings Inc. announced back in 2 April 2011.

It’s truly unfortunate that our hard-working employees have had to operate under this cloud for more than two years. We have maintained from the beginning that we did nothing wrong and the indictments were the result of an effort by the government to gain tactical advantage in this case.

Agility continues to believe that DoJ has criminalized what is, at most, a civil dispute relating to interpretation of certain provisions of the Prime Vendor food contact. The case is in pre-trial litigation in a U.S. District Court in Atlanta. Agility welcomes the opportunity to bring the relevant facts to light before an impartial jury.” ​