Reference to the above mentioned subject and the news published on social media on 21/02/2022, which stated that the Minister of Commerce and Industry requested the withdrawal of the Amghara scrap from Agility, Agility would like to clarify that it has disclosed the court decision regarding the contract No. (157), phases (1, 2, 3) in Amghara scrap area in a previous disclosure on 21/02/2021, and we haven’t received anything new on this matter.

And in response to the announcement of the Public Authority of Industry, please note that these are measures taken by the Authority with the tenants for phases 1, 2, 3 in the South Amghara scrap area, which the Public Authority of Industry received from the company on 17 August 2021, in implementation of  the ruling  of the Court of Cassation issued on 18/02/2021 supporting the ruling of the Court of First Instance, which was previously disclosed. Thus the announcement made by the Public Authority of Industry was an old matter that we already disclosed.

Best Regards,
Investor Relations Team