With reference to the above subject, we would like to inform you that the Annual General Meeting for the year ending 31st December 2012, was held on the 30th of May 2013, and has approved all the items on the Agenda, including Distribution of 5% bonus shares ( 5 shares for every 100 shares) and Cash distribution of 30% (30 fils for every share) in addition to the election of a new Board of Directors:

1 – Tarek Abdul Aziz Sultan Al-Essa

2 – Adel Mohammed Al-Bader (representing PIFSS)

3 – Jameel Sultan Al-Essa

4 – Ayman Bader Sultan Al-Essa

5 – Naser Mohammed Fahed Al-Rashed.

6 – Esam Khaleel Mohammad AL Refaei

7 – Henadi Anwar Essa Al Saleh

As for the Extra ordinary General it has been adjourned for not achieving the required quorum.