Highlights from Think Big, Act Small

Small and mid-market companies are admired for their speed and agility while large companies are envied for scale. Alongside the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this year, we explored if and how companies can capture the essence of both – the entrepreneurial spirit of start-ups and the strength and relative safety of corporate giants. Is it possible to think big and act small? Agility invited business leaders at the helm of iconic organizations such as Walmart, Philips and Unilever to exchange ideas around growth, leadership and agility with disruptive start-ups and unicorns. View highlights to watch Agility CEO Tarek Sultan explain that SMEs are the way forward, will.i.am describe his ambitious new business venture and the CEO of the largest company in the world explain why he shouldn’t know everything going on in the business he leads.

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