Hassan Allam Utilities, Agility Team Up to Build World-Class Logistics Parks in Egypt

Massive YANMU East Logistics Park Launching This Month

CAIRO – 13 March, 2023 – Hassan Allam Utilities, the investment and development arm of Hassan Allam Holding, and Agility, the industrial development specialist, formed a joint venture, YANMU, to develop, build and operate modern logistics parks and Grade A warehousing facilities in Egypt.

Hassan Allam Utilities and Agility announced that their first park, YANMU East Logistics Park, is a 270,000 SQM site, located on the new Cairo Suez road, 15 km from Cairo Airport and with proximity to the Ring Road. YANMU East Logistics Park opens in August 2023. A second park, YANMU West Logistics Park, is planned to launch in 2024.

YANMU parks are designed to meet the storage and distribution needs of companies in e-commerce, manufacturing, consumer products, food and beverage, technology, automotive, energy, industrial goods, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.

YANMU East Logistics Park offers Grade A warehousing at a unique, strategic location and provides tenants with 24/7 security, power, connectivity, and facility management. In addition, the facility provides advanced warehouse engineering features, such as 14-meter ceilings, super-flat floors, efficient docking systems, and docking. Furthermore, YANMU is a green park incorporating sustainable design, including solar rooftops and other features that reduce power and water use and increase operational efficiency.

“YANMU will offer Egypt’s most modern, efficient, and sustainable warehousing. We are proud to have strategically partnered with Agility, which has nearly four decades of experience in developing and operating Grade A warehousing across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia,” said Amr Allam, Chairman of Hassan Allam Utilities.

Agility Vice Chairman Tarek Sultan said: “When it comes to warehousing capacity and distribution capability, Egypt is underserved. YANMU will fill the gap with modern, efficient infrastructure that is going to power growth domestically and strengthen Egypt’s role as a vital trade partner and crossroads. Hassam Allam Utilities’ reputation for excellence and intimate knowledge of the market gives YANMU a huge advantage.”

Both Agility and Hassan Allam Utilities recently announced significant new investments and expansion plans in Egypt.

In October, Agility announced that is investing roughly $60 million to develop and operate two customs and logistics centers in the Suez Canal Economic Zone. The project is intended to modernize operations and improve the flow of goods and commodities in the Ein Sokhna industrial zone and at East Port Said.

In September, Hassan Allam Utilities signed two concession agreements to develop and operate strategic warehouses for the Internal Trade & Development Authority (ITDA) in the governorates of Luxor and Sharqiyah under a BOOT scheme. The project is part of Hassan Allam Utilities’ investments in the logistics sector to establish an integrated logistics platform covering the entire value chain for storage and handling services in Egypt, and to further develop the industry and leverage a fast-growing market opportunity.

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YANMU, a joint venture between Hassan Allam Logistics and Agility, provides Egypt’s most advanced warehousing and logistics infrastructure. YANMU builds and manages Grade A, international-standard warehousing facilities at key locations in Egypt. Its first project, YANMU East Cairo Logistics Park (YANMU ECLP), launched in 2023. YANMU ECLP offers the country’s most modern and efficient warehousing solutions, engineering sustainability into design and facilities management to reduce costs, conserve energy, and lower emissions. YANMU brings innovation to warehousing and distribution in Egypt.

About Agility

Agility is a global leader in supply chain services, infrastructure and innovation. It is a pioneer in emerging markets. Agility is a multi-business operator, with companies that include a logistics parks business that is one of the largest private owners of warehousing and industrial real estate in the Middle East and Africa, an aviation services company, a liquid fuel logistics business, and companies that offer customs digitization, remote infrastructure services, ecommerce enablement and digital logistics, and commercial real estate and facilities management. Agility is also an investor in innovation, sustainability and resilience, with a growing portfolio of listed and non-listed investment partners looking to reshape their respective industries across a range of sectors.

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About Hassan Allam Utilities

Hassan Allam Utilities is the investment and development arm of Hassan Allam Holding. The company targets opportunities that address the clean energy market and growing demand for infrastructure services in Egypt and the region. Established in 2017, Hassan Allam Utilities has focused its investment and development efforts on sustainable infrastructure, primarily in renewable energy, water, logistics, mobility, and social infrastructure assets.

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