Raw material supply chain solution for international food company

An international food company needed a logistics plan to take its manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products. Our raw-material supply chain solution saw it through from start to finish. We brought in approximately 1,800 imported, customs-cleared containers of raw material from Port Qasim to a new distribution center in Karachi. Then, we used 50-foot, 3-axle trucks to transport materials from Kabirwala and Sheikhupura to Karachi; the same trucks shuttled interplant goods. We stored materials up to 4,000 dry pallet spots at Mehran Logistics Center and 1,000 temperature-controlled pallet spots at Qasim Logistics Center. Then, we transported raw material to the company’s factories located more than 1,000 kilometers away in Kabirwala and Sheihkupura. Finally, we transported finished goods to the company’s distributors.