A German technology company needed equipment for its chemical plant delivered to Togliatti in the Samara region of Russia. Agility took responsibility for the delivery of three heavy-lift shipments sent via a combination of road freight, sea-river barge, part-charter sea freight and rail freight. The shipments originated from three separate locations: Porto Marghera, Italy (245 tons); Linz, Austria (226 tons); and Mumbai, India (73 tons). The move involved two years of meticulous preparations, including a feasibility study of local customs procedures and on infrastructure, surveying harbors, rivers, roads and potential obstacles. The most challenging part of the move occurred during on-shore movements at Togliatti port. The port’s pier and on-shore cranes could not handle the massive weight of the pieces, so Agility offloaded them with special hydraulic jacks. Ultimately, the project was completed 10 days ahead of schedule.