WEF 2023 – Tandem Talks / Pairings

The challenges businesses face today demand courageous leadership and a new model of collaboration. What are the winning strategies, technologies, and business-models that can keep companies competitive while also building better, greener, and fairer economies? Hear from the speakers of Agility’s Tandem Talks breakfast series at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2023.

WEF Tandem Talks: Macro Pairing | Money Pairing | Movement Pairing | Mindset Pairing

Agility Tandem Talks: Hassan El-Houry | Paul Baldassari | Sarah Chen-Spellings | Claude Letourneau | Beth Ann Lopez | Nadir Salar Qureshi

WEF Tandem Talks – Macro Pairing

WEF Tandem Talks – Money Pairing

WEF Tandem Talks – Movement Pairing

WEF Tandem Talks – Mindset Pairing

Agility Tandem Talks – Hassan El-Houry

Agility Tandem Talks – Paul Baldassari

Agility Tandem Talks – Sarah Chen-Spellings

Agility Tandem Talks – Claude Letourneau

Agility Tandem Talks – Beth Ann Lopez

Agility Tandem Talks – Nadir Salar Qureshi