Agility Signs Healthcare MOU with Saudi Ministry of Investment

Aims to support digitization of the healthcare sector through introduction of new cutting-edge medical technologies, knowledge transfer.  

RIYADH – OCT. 29, 2023 Agility, a supply chain services, infrastructure and innovation company, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Investment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MISA) today to explore how to strengthen the Saudi healthcare sector by bringing cutting-edge health technology and services to the Kingdom; while supporting new job creation and knowledge transfer.

Under the agreement, Agility and MISA will explore four areas of collaboration in the healthcare sector. This includes the potential for expanding digital health services and localizing the supply chain for innovative new medical technologies, as well as supporting Agility’s technology ventures partners in establishing regional offices in the Kingdom to attract Saudi talent and promote transfer of critical supply chain and healthcare knowledge.

Saudi Arabia is transforming its healthcare system as part of its sweeping Vision 2030 national strategic plan. The goals of Vision 2030’s Healthcare Sector Transformation Program are to include improve access to care, modernize facilities, and enhance the role of private-sector investment.

The MOU aims to broaden Saudis’ access to preventative health services and technology to combat chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. MISA and Agility are exploring how to expand e-health services in the Kingdom, by bringing in companies that, for example, enable early detection of heart problems and monitoring of heart health indicators and other bio signals through simple mobile phone selfie images, and that make breast cancer screenings more widely and easily available through the use of high-resolution imagery technology that is highly efficient and low-cost.

“MISA is playing a key role in the Kingdom’s healthcare transformation, identifying investors and partners such as Agility that can help us deliver a more comprehensive, effective, integrated, and digitally enabled system. This agreement will improve access to healthcare and quality of care by expanding delivery of e-health services and digital solutions that meet the highest international standards,” said Engineer Saleh Al-Khabti, Deputy Minister of MISA.

“By embracing healthcare innovation and investment, Saudi Arabia is taking steps that will improve the quality of life and life expectancy of millions of its citizens. Agility, which has been investing in the Kingdom for two decades, is ideally positioned to introduce critical supply chain expertise and innovation partners to help tackle the challenge,” said Tarek Sultan, Agility Vice Chairman. We welcome the collaboration with MISA and the opportunity to explore the potential for significant future investment in KSA’s healthcare sector, and the creation of new job opportunities in the process.”

Agility has been investing and doing business in Saudi Arabia for two decades. It is building and operating some of the Kingdom’s most advanced and sustainable warehousing parks, located in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. Agility’s Tristar affiliate provides Saudi oil and gas and chemical companies with transport, warehousing and specialized logistics services, and supports their energy transition journey. Agility’s Menzies Aviation business has signed a MOU with SAL to unlock potential for Saudi Arabia’s airports, with the goal of improving passenger services, cargo handling and warehousing, and airline hub management for Saudi-based airlines. Shipa, Agility’s digital e-commerce logistics and last-mile delivery company, provides both domestic parcel delivery and cross-border shipping to and from the GCC and Saudi Arabia. Agility Ventures is investing in Saudi startups and technology innovation.

Photo Caption: HE Khalid Alfalih, Minister of Investment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, HE Bandar Ibrahim Alkhorayef, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, HE Fahad Al-Jalajel, Minister of Health, and Tarek Sultan, Vice Chairman of Agility, at the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh on Sunday.

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