In July 2022 the Agility E Services Hyderabad team distributed 50 desks to Kuknoor school. This school has about 268 students, and the desks will be used by about 100 of them for at least 10 years.

Agility E-Services Center employees oversaw the reconstruction and refurbishment of a local school and paid for the teachers’ salaries; which led to an increase in enrollment from 46 to 315 student within three years.

As part of an ongoing education partnership that started in 2018, Agility E-Services helped the school build washrooms and a hand-washing station, donated sports equipment, planted trees, painted murals on the outer walls of the school, and donated benches and desks as the student headcount grew. As well, with Agility’s support, Kuknoor School was able to hire eight English teachers and school attendants, with Agility paying the salaries for the additional staff. Students attending the school now have a better chance of competing with private school students for further education in the future.

Agility India supported several different organizations and schools with educational and health initiatives in 2020, reaching more than 650 individuals with their contributions.

In longstanding partnerships with the St. Joseph’s Night School, Seed Foundation, and the Pathway Foundation, Agility India supported more than 200 individuals through donating laptops, providing soft skills computer training, paying teachers’ salaries and fees, and donating essential food items to families supported by the organizations.

Many students were unable to read when first joining the Seed Foundation. In 2020, several students received a score of 70% in their national exams due to Agility India’s massive support over the years in tutoring students of all ages.

Agility India also supported more than 400 students at local schools in two villages near Pune; part of its initiative to help develop rural schools. The Agility volunteers worked with the school administration to set up a water purifier to ensure safe drinking water, installed solar panels on school grounds to help reduce electricity costs by nearly 60%, outfitted a science lab and a computer lab, and built washroom facilities to help encourage female students to continue their secondary education studies.

The India team also worked with Samarthanam, a local nonprofit for the visually impaired, to administer training sessions to 30 young adults on CV writing and conduct mock interviews for them to prepare for job interviews in the future. Agility India also worked with global team members, recruiting more than 80 employee volunteers to record audiobooks in Arabic, French, Spanish, and English for visually impaired youth and adults benefitting from Samarthanam’s library.

In addition to supporting the Dilasa Karyashala organization to distribute essential items to families of disabled children seeking support from the organization during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Agility E-Services Center in Hyderabad, India started a donation program in 2016, where 17 employees organize a collection and donation drive to provide stationery supplies to schools across India, and support a local shelter with groceries.

The donation program helps fill a critical gap for low-income students in India. While government schools provide textbooks for free, students are required to provide their own school supplies, which many have difficulty doing. Over the years, Agility employees have donated notebooks, stationary, and other school supplies to thousands of children over the years.

In 2019, Agility E-Services Center employees donated 17,600+ notebooks and stationary supplies to nearly 2,500 students at seven local schools in and around Hyderabad. In 2018, employees donated more than 39,000 notebooks and stationery supplies to more than 5,520 students in 30 schools around India.

Agility E-Services employees in Hyderabad, India delivered groceries to the Good Shepherd Children Home, a self-sustaining, local, non-governmental organization, which is currently sheltering an estimated 70 orphans, single parents, and disadvantaged families. These donations help to ensure the children receive 3 meals a day for a period, while helps to prevent child labor.

AES team in Hyderabad has been supporting the Good Shepherd Children’s Home for the past four years, donating groceries and supplies to cover the needs for more than 70 children who are in need of basic essentials to maintain a decent standard of living.

Agility India employees participated in a Notebook & Stationery Distribution Drive, donating 27,500 books for more than 2,300 students in 15 government schools and NGOs.