Fourteen Agility Italy employees in Verona volunteered to refurbish a small farm. Working with Cooperativa Gramigna, the volunteers divided themselves into three groups and spent four hours cleaning a stable, clearing pathways to what will soon be a playground, and refurbishing chairs and tables. Once abandoned, the farm area has recently been refurbished by 3 organizations, for public use, including as an educational establishment for young scouts to learn about farming and nature.

An Agility UK employee completed the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Kidney Research UK, a local charity committed to developing treatments, patient information and raising vital public awareness for kidney disease. The challenge asked participants to climb the three highest peaks of Scotland (1345m), England (978m) and Wales (1085m) in 24 hours. The money raised will help Kidney Research UK fund new research studies into kidney disease.

A technology company tasked Agility with reducing its carbon footprint for intra-Europe transport. It’s existing shipments were performed by truck. Based on the existing distribution network, Agility was able to propose multiple routing options on key trade lanes that would utilize lower-emissions modes of rail and barge, with only small increases in travel times. Switching to rail reduced emissions by 58%, and costs by 19%, while increasing travel time from 1 to 3 days. Switching from truck to barge reduced emissions by 68%, and costs by 30%, while increasing travel times from 1 to 5 days.

An Agility employee completed a project helping an Albanian nonprofit restore homes, distribute food packages, and build playgrounds among other things to more than 180 families, children, and orphans, after eight months of preparation.

Agility Romania helped the Local Scouts Center collect, package and distribute school supplies, clothes, and computers to the Frasinet School and kindergarten that hosts 200 children, between the ages of two and 14.

An Agility employee completed an 11-day, 1,000-kilometer bike ride to raise awareness and donations for Bloodwise, a UK based charity driving research into the 137 types of blood cancer.

Agility Romania donated computer equipment that will benefit more than 1,150 students in four schools. The team also led a student-run donation drive to collect clothes and toys for the Save the Children Foundation.

Agility Germany employees came together to provide active support to a children’s hospice they have been supporting for years, benefiting around 350 children and their families.