Agility Supports Novick Cardiac Alliance in Lebanon

Agility Supports Novick Cardiac Alliance in Lebanon

Agility announced that it is sponsoring Dr. William Novick and his team on a mission to Al Rachaya in Lebanon to provide pediatric cardiology education, experience and essential training to the medical team at The Rachaya Governmental Hospital, in partnership with The Pure Heart Foundation.

Dr. Novick is a pediatric cardiac surgeon who has been leading medical teams to treat children with heart disease for more than 28 years. He created a foundation to care for children with heart disease in low- and middle-income countries  around the world. Over the years Dr. Novick has recruited a group of clinical experts in the field of pediatric cardiac care who share his passion and vision to help eradicate the suffering caused by congenital heart disease in LMIC.

The aim of the Novic Cardiac Alliance in Lebanon is to upskill and train the local medical team at The Rachaya Governmental Hospital to be able to provide pediatric cardiac care independently at the conclusion of the program.

Dr. Novick and his team conducted four trips to Lebanon since 2020, with a plan to do four trips annually for a period of four years. During each trip, the team has intervened either surgically or in the interventional cardiac catheterization laboratory on 14-16 children. In addition, the program trains surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusionist, catheterization lab assistants, cardiologist, operating room nurses, ICU nurses, ward nurses, echo lab technicians, and at least 8 medical students each trip. The total local staff trained to date is nearly 35.

The Lebanese students that join the program hail from medical schools across the country. They are exposed to all facets of pediatric cardiac care during their time in the program