50% reduction in energy usage at two Dubai facilities

The Middle East, where we have our largest operational footprint, is a climate hotspot. Cheap, abundant fossil fuels means electricity consumed there typically generates more carbon-equivalent emissions per kilowatt hour than in other regions. Summer temperatures are projected to rise twice as fast as the global average, with temperatures above 46°C more than five times as likely by 2050.

Fortunately, Agility Dubai makes progress each year in greening our operations to cool our people and our customers’ cargo. New lighting solutions at one facility will achieve energy savings of up to 77%, while upgrades to the lighting system at a second facility will reduce usage by over 50%. These improvements stand to reduce Agility’s carbon footprint in the United Arab Emirates by more than 7%, and help the business achieve a target of 25% reduction of our carbon footprint.

Investments to reduce water usage, and further efforts to reduce electricity usage are coming in Dubai and other operating regions in the near future.

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