Changes to requirements for DG Shipments to Saudi Arabian Ports

In line with the new Saudi Arabia Port Authority regulations, all import Dangerous Goods (DG) shipments entering Saudi ports must have a prior arrival permit, obtained by consignee before loading the container.  The consignee must obtain the “DG Prior Arrival Permit” stamped by the chamber of commerce, and customs and share it with the shipper.

As a result, shipping agents shall not transport any dangerous, prohibited or restricted cargo without prior permission from the competent parties within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Failing to comply with the new regulations the shipping agent shall be committed to return the goods to its origin, destroy or dispose the same at his own cost after coordination with the port industrial security and the custom’s officials and a fine will be imposed on him.

Should you have any questions or require further information, about how this could impact your shipments, please contact:

Hesham Elrefay
Head of Operations, Agility Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966138169831
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