Reference to our previous disclosure dated July 24th, 2022, Agility would like to confirm that it has continued its refinancing program with existing and new local, regional and international banks. The facilities as mentioned before have maturities of 3, 5 and 6 years.

Today, Agility has signed a new credit facility of Eur 1.4 billion (around KD 440 million), and expects to sign 2 replacement facilities with an increase of $100 million (KD 30 million) in the coming week.

In addition, Agility expects to add a further Eur 400 million (around KD 125 million) of facilities in the coming weeks, to replace another existing short term facility. These will be used to finance the company’s growth plans including the long term financing of the John Menzies plc acquisition. Agility expects to finalize this round of financing with around $3.2billion (KD 1 billion) in total facilities.

Best Regards,
Investor Relations Team