With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly note that Global Clearing House Systems, a subsidiary of Agility Public Warehousing Company (K.S.C), had filed the two above claims against, inter alia, the General Manager of the Customs’ General Directorate ex officio, for part of the damages incurred by Agility due to the non execution by the General Directorate of some of its obligations as per Bid Contract No. (A.H/CH.M/1/2004/2005): “Project for the Development, Operation and Management of the Supporting Services of Customs Work at the Customs’ Public Services”.

During the hearing dated 15/06/2014, the Court accepted the claim in its form and content and ordered, with due cause, the second respondent “the General Manager of the Customs’ General Directorate, ex officio” to settle to the plaintiff Company, the amount of sixty five million and sixty five thousand and six hundred and three Kuwaiti dinars and seventy cents, in addition to the legal interests at a rate of 7% per annum as of the date of this Decision becoming final. The Court dismissed the remainder of the claims and compelled the plaintiff to settle the appropriate expenses, including attorney’s fees.

This Decision does not impact the financial statements of the Company for the time being since it is a decision rendered by the first instance court and might be subject to appeal. This is for information purposes and for any action you deem appropriate.