Subject: Judgment issued by the Court of Appeal in respect of appeal number 2286/2012 c.a/ 14 and appeal number 2511/2012 c.a/14

With reference to the aforementioned matter, we hereby inform you that, the High Court of Appeal commercial/14 has issued judgments in respect of the abovementioned appeals whereby it accepted appeal no 2286/2012 commercial/14 in principle and in subject to amend the appealed judgment by:
  • 1- Annulling the notices served on the Appellant, on his behalf and his capacity, and on his employees and subordinates in Agility Public Warehousing Company, that were upon the request submitted by the US authorities in the Court of North Georgia, and by considering such notices as null and void.
  • 2- Requiring the Appellees, the first till the third, to refrain from serving on the Appellant, its employees and subordinates in the company mentioned above, any judiciary document in respect of that lawsuit.
  • 3- Ordering the first Appellee to pay the charges in addition to an amount equal to /20/ Kuwaiti dinars in lieu of legal fees.
  • The court resolved to reject the appeal number 2511/2012 commercial/14 submitted by the government against the company and waive the legal expenses.
It is worth mentioning, that Agility Public Warehousing Company had previously filed a lawsuit in the State of Kuwait requesting the annulment of the notices served on it and requesting the competent authorities in Kuwait to refrain from serving on the company or any of its subordinates any legal document related to the court case filed by the US government before the Court of North Georgia. The High Court of Appeal in the State of Kuwait supported Agility’s claims in its final ruling as mentioned above.


Also note that the above ruling will not have any impact on the company’s financial position.