Dear Investor,

Agility would like to announce that it has agreed to invest in a private offering of securities to be issued by Tortoise Acquisition Corp. (a special purpose acquisition company) in connection with Hyliion’s recently announced business combination (Hyliion is a leader in electrified powertrain solutions for class 8 commercial vehicles). This merger is still subject to regulatory approval and is not yet final. Agility intends to announce the details of its investment upon the completion of the merger. As of today there is no financial impact.

Agility, also as part of its sustainability program and continuous efforts to reduce operating costs, will purchase up to 1,000 trucks of Hyliion’s recently launched Hypertruck Electric Range Extender (ERX), a long-haul, fully electric powertrain delivering superior performance, negative net carbon emissions and cost-savings to the global trucking industry. It is too early to estimate the direct or indirect impact of this program.

Best regards,
Investor Relations Team