The Public Authority for Industry (PAI) published in a number of daily newspapers on 9/1/2023, that the contracts No. (60) / (211) / (19/2002) / (8/2003) / (208) concluded between Agility and the PAI for plots located in Sulaibiya, Sulaibiya Expansion, Amghara, Doha and Mina Abdullah have expired, and the Authority calls on the tenants not to deal with the company and that any dealings with the company after the date of the aforementioned announcement is considered void.

Agility would like to clarify, and reference to our previous disclosure, that this announcement from the Authority is contrary to the truth, and it represents a violation of the law and the terms and conditions of these contracts considering their renewal and extension for another period, which prompted the company to prove its right to renew these contracts by filing the below lawsuits:
Lawsuit No. 14 of 2023 Commercial Civil Government/27
Lawsuit No. 19 of 2023 Commercial Civil Government/9
Lawsuit No. 9 of 2023 Commercial Civil Government/28
Lawsuit No. 12 of 2023 Commercial Civil Government/20
Lawsuit No. 29 of 2023 Commercial Civil Government/7

The company filed these lawsuits to prove the renewal of the contractual relationship and that the Authority will not interfere in its use of those lands and that any interference is a violation to law and terms of the contracts.
And since the aforementioned lawsuits are still before the judiciary and no final judgement has been issued, the company is in the process of officially notifying the Public Authority for Industry not to interfere in the use of those lands and that the Authority will bear all compensation for the losses or loss of profits caused to the company as a result of PAI interference in violation of the law and contracts.
Agility reserves all its legal rights in all contracts for the investment of any areas located on the aforementioned plots.

Best Regards,
Investor Relations Team