Reference to the above-mentioned subject; and in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Capital Markets Authority’s bylaws of Law No. 7 of the year 2010 on Disclosure and Transparency Agility would like to announce:


Date October 30, 2023
Company Name Agility Public Warehousing Company KSCP “Agility”
Material Information Reference to the above mentioned subject, Agility would like to confirm what was mentioned in the news regarding signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Investment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MISA) today to explore areas of collaboration in the healthcare sector, such as the potential for expanding digital health services and localizing the supply chain for innovative new medical technologies and others. The term of the MOU and the exploration phase is one year and Agility will disclose any definitive agreement reached in connection with the MOU.
Impact of the material information on the financial position of the company No Impact


Investor Relations Team