Reference to the above mentioned subject; and in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Capital Markets Authority’s bylaws of Law No. 7 of the year 2010 on Disclosure and Transparency Agility would like to announce:

Date 25 April 2024
Company Name Agility Public Warehousing Company (K.S.C.P) (“Agility”)
Material Information We would like to inform you that a resolution has been issued by the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) regarding the approval of the listing of Agility Global PLC under the symbol (AGILITY) and the ISIN (AEE01376A248) as of Thursday, May 2nd 2024 within the Industrials sector.

Before and after the listing date, the company will publish Equity Reports prepared by reputable and independent investment banks plus the official prospectus of the listing with the aim of providing financial information on the fair value of the share as a reference for investors to use in order to make their investment decisions in the company.

Please note, that the equity book value of Agility Global PLC share is around of AED 1.88 per share and therefore the total equity book value of the company is approximately AED 19.6 billion.

Also, this listing is a technical listing, which means that there is no set price, based on supply and demand, for the trading to start at, and accordingly, based on point (3) in the ADX CEO’s decision No. (4) for the year 2024, and for the purposes of calculating the percentage change of the trading price from the reference price in the first trading session, the reference price has been set at AED 0.37 for each share of Agility Global, totaling around 10.4 billion shares. We will keep you updated with any new information.

Impact of the material information on the financial position of the company There will be no additional impact from this news other than what has been previously disclosed.