More than 80 Agility employees around the world participated in Earth Day activities in 2021 with 11 recipes shared, and more than 280 trees, flowers and herbs planted.

Each year on April 22, Agility employees participate in Earth Day activities, but due to the pandemic we asked our colleagues to participate virtually. We received photos from more than 80 employees in Abu Dhabi, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, and USA, who shared 11 of their favorite vegetarian recipes, planted more than 280 flowers, trees and herbs, joined two clean-up activities in their communities, and participated in Earth Hour.

Our colleagues in Surbaya, Indonesia showed us the fruits of their labor from their tree planting project in 2017. The video they shared shows pictures from a tree planting project the team did in 2017, and then showcases how those same 1,000 mangrove trees have grown just four years later.

It’s a good reminder that the seeds we plant can grow into beautiful gardens. When it comes to sustainability, we can each take steps today that make a difference in the long-term.

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Recognizing that plastic waste is one of the factors harming the environment, Agility Brazil took action, eliminating the use of more than 12,000 plastic cups a month in all 13 branches. Employees were given ceramic Agility mugs; stepping up to support eliminating waste in our operations and honoring our Waste-Free Agility Campaign.

Fourteen Agility Italy employees in Verona volunteered to refurbish a small farm. Working with Cooperativa Gramigna, the volunteers divided themselves into three groups and spent four hours cleaning a stable, clearing pathways to what will soon be a playground, and refurbishing chairs and tables. Once abandoned, the farm area has recently been refurbished by 3 organizations, for public use, including as an educational establishment for young scouts to learn about farming and nature.

At Agility Egypt, our employees found creative ways to upcycle waste from around the warehouse. Instead of using new materials to build a worker rest area, the team constructed tables and benches using old pallets. Used truck tires were painted to create a garden that beautifies the spot, and an old container became a useful place to sort and organize waste for recycling.

Agility Colombia conducted a park creation activity in a disadvantaged neighborhood where more than 300 people reside. The children in the area also received lessons from an environmental expert on how to properly care for the community and the trees that were planted.

Agility Taiwan employees led a beach clean-up activity on Earth Day 2017, involving 40 employees and their relatives for greater impact.

To commemorate Earth Day in 2017, 55 Agility Philippines employees joined the annual Nat GEO Run, organized by the World Wildlife Foundation.

Agility Pakistan partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation to create Earth Day projects for 70 employee volunteers.