In a partnership that started in 2019, Agility Brazil collaborated with the Mão Amiga project in São Paulo to support 600 students by setting up a computer lab, donating 66 Chromebooks and video conferencing equipment, and starting a “Google for Education” initiative.

Students were obligated to continue their studies from home in 2020 due to COVID-19. By supplying Mão Amiga with the Chromebooks, the school was able to lend out the devices to students on a rotational basis to support social distance learning. This enabled the students to complete their coursework in time.

In 2021, Agility donated funds to build a science lab and a multimedia room to enhance the quality of the students’ education.

Mão Amiga was founded in 2002 as a civil society organization with a mission to break the cycle of poverty through quality education. They are a philanthropic school, formal and regular, offering an innovative model of education that serves close to 600 students from kindergarten to high school. They are part of an international VIS Foundation network that aims to assist in the management of humanitarian projects.

​2020 has been an extraordinary year. Because of COVID-19, millions of children around the world have not been able to attend school. This year, we pivoted our education partnerships to focus on digital access to education to give kids a chance to continue their studies, even in the most difficult circumstances. This short video gives you an overview of how Agility teams around the world have helped make an impact.

Agility offices across the globe have joined the Waste-Free Agility campaign to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups. The Waste-Free Agility campaign calls on our facilities to meaningfully reduce or eliminate an important waste stream through changes in behaviour.
For example, at Agility’s offices in Mumbai, guests were given small plastic water bottles. Much of the water ended up going to waste, so our team there started to use glasses and a carafe, which reduced waste of water, and entirely eliminated the single-use plastic bottles. Unused drinking water is recycled for cleaning purposes as well. While it did require a change in behaviour, managers across India were enthusiastic to jump on board, and the elimination of single-use plastic bottles has become a country-wide trend for Agility.

Other Agility offices in Brazil, Italy, Singapore, the US and Australia also are leading the way in the elimination or significant reduction of the use of plastic water bottles, paper coffee cups, or other single-use materials. We’re aiming for 100% office participation!

Agility Brazil started an education partnership with the Mão Amiga project in São Paulo, supporting close to 600 students through the “Google for Education” initiative, where they delivered 40 Chromebooks and educational programs to help further students’ education. Mão Amiga was founded in 2002 as a civil society organization with a mission to break the cycle of poverty through quality education.

Recognizing that plastic waste is one of the factors harming the environment, Agility Brazil took action, eliminating the use of more than 12,000 plastic cups a month in all 13 branches. Employees were given ceramic Agility mugs; stepping up to support eliminating waste in our operations and honoring our Waste-Free Agility Campaign.

The entire Agility Brazil branch in Manaus spent a month collecting donations for the Coraçao do Pai children’s shelter, including toys, nonperishable food items, personal hygiene kits, diapers, clothes, and shoes. Agility Manaus employees organized the collection drive as part of a Social Action Group they formed in Agility branches across the country.