Shipping oversized goods with precision and expertise

Agility is an expert in handling oversized goods, but shipping 30 airplanes and three large containers of spare parts to Karachi, Pakistan, was a unique challenge. Each aircraft had different dimensions, so Agility worked with a carpenter to prepare a cradle for each plane’s unique size before packing it. The challenges didn’t stop there: The shipment required seaworthy lashing, and nothing could be loaded with cranes due to the sensitivity of the planes’ wings. Therefore, all packing and lashing equipment was custom-designed and made by Agility staff. The Agility team and additional hired staff had to work with specially designed trolleys and use manpower to load the wings into the custom crates. The entire shipment took three months to complete and was shipped in two installments. When the shipment reached its destination, everything was on time and intact, earning praise from the customer.