Outsourcing to Agility’s pharma competency center supports Middle East demand

A global healthcare company needed to scale up its supply chain to keep pace with the Middle East region’s demand for healthcare and medicines. For many years, the company shipped intravenous, renal and other products directly into the GCC and eastern Mediterranean countries. Expanding demand prompted the firm to outsource inventory management and delivery to Agility’s Dubai pharma competency center hub. Agility’s scalability solutions and our experience with the special needs of the pharma industry are a good fit for this customer, who has achieved a 60 percent improvement in order fulfillment since partnering with Agility. Four years ago, it was holding around 700 pallets of product in Dubai and moving 200 to 250 a month to customers. Today, at Agility’s hub, stock holding has grown to 2,000 pallets, and shipments have doubled to 500 pallets a month.