Managing the complex global supply chain of a high-volume retailer

Agility manages the high-volume, global supply chain of a Spanish multinational clothing retailer responsible for textile design, production and distribution to 5,500 stores worldwide.The retailer relies on Agility to manage its supply chain and logistics. We oversee buyer consolidation at 11 origin sites in four countries and exports to four destination countries with more than 300 suppliers. Our network moves 14,000 tons of air volume and 120,000 cubic meters of ocean volume in a single year. An Agility-staffed multi-country consolidation center in Colombo handles cargo originating from India and Bangladesh into Argentina and Brazil. We also inspect labels of more than a half-million pieces a month, as well as arrange special handling for seasonal cycles, spikes in demand and emergency conditions. We defray customer air freight costs by 20 percent with deferred transit time service for Spain, and a single point of contact, tech applications and data analysis promote a smooth supply chain and complete visibility into planning so that the customer’s stores are refreshed with new styles weekly.