Handling Critical Shipment for British Carmaker During Chinese Holiday Season

A British car brand owned by a Chinese automobile maker assigned Agility India the task of moving 75 tons of cargo from its Halol plant at Vadodara, India to the airport in Guangzhou, China. This project involved door-to-airport movement of cargo, with Agility handling road movements from the auto plant, along with customs clearance and air freight from Mumbai to Guangzhou airport.

The job was driven by the need for the automaker to get newly developed automotive parts to Guangzhou, where they were to be tested before approved for use in India to ensure that they complied with emissions standards. The irregular shape of the cargo made arranging vehicles for dispatch from the plant and managing space allocations with carriers a unique endeavor. The movement was split into 14 lots, with three cargo departures a week among multiple carriers: Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways and Air China. The timing posed a challenge because the cargo would be arriving during public holidays in China.

Agility India has regularly participating in inbound and outbound shipments, one involving a shipment of six cars to Italy for testing.