Crossing the IT Border

A billion dollar manufacturing company was moving cargo from Mexico to the US for export. However, with the massive scale of approximately 10,000 SKU’s, the company was overspending on operations and losing thousands of dollars in tax savings through NAFTA-enabled programs. It was not feasible for this company to continue to effectively manage the logistics for this lane alone.

Agility developed a distinctive IT solution that utilized this customer’s existing cross-border setup to provide the necessary visibility to build a best-in-class operation. The solution was quickly able to identify a consolidation program that maximized the inbound truckloads, cutting the number of third-party distribution centers required to store products in the US.

The IT solution also directly linked Agility to the customer’s PO system, allowing for automatic HAWB/HBL creation and NAFTA compliance tracking. This drastically cut the number of operational hours required to process all of the shipping and compliance information required for a fast-paced supply chain.