Container Terminal Operator

GCS operates a major seaport container terminal proven to increase terminal throughput, reduce delays, cut operational costs, improve workforce training, increase safety, reduce congestion and save time and resources.

The terminal specializes in container handling and offers a full range of stevedoring and transportation services. Containers are quickly transferred to last-mile delivery vehicles. All vessel loads as well as discharges are managed with a sophisticated planning system interfaced with GTAP (Terminal Operating System) modules for efficient container movement by experienced staff.

Port operations achieved all of its targets and goals using GCS capabilities. Newly developed GTAP software used for terminal activities and pre-planning reduced accidents by 90% and increased safety awareness through training. The same system improved planning and cut container vessel congestion by 80% by increasing berth productivity; reduced truck turnaround times by 33%; and improved terminal space management by 40%.

Terminal capacity increased and the KPIs show how GTAP automation has successfully overcome challenges and congestion, allowing for more efficient use of resources. At this facility, GCS is providing solution-based services and operating at the highest levels of safety and efficiency while establishing itself as a leader in containerized cargo handling and storage, operations and repair services, inspections, monitoring and cleaning.