Air Freight Specialist

During 2019 our company participates in this competitive market, handling +7,000 TONs of Fresh Salmon, Fresh Fruit, Flowers, dry cargo, dangerous, as well as other special handle cargos.

We are strategic partners of the main Chilean exporting companies, as well as the most diverse service providers, especially with airlines, airport loading and unloading warehouses. Our Airfreight department is mainly focused on satisfying all our customers’ needs, that’s why we have an office on Santiago Airport itself for our imports and air exports airfreight operations teams, and another near airport for our customer service staff.
One of our major export customer of frozen and fresh salmon, placed on Quellón, Chiloé (South of Chile), asked as to support them with their export to Miami with full supply chain visibility from origin to final destination of their cargoes. Therefore, Agility and customer create together a full visibility system that allows to track their cargoes step by step.

Tracking system allows to follow up in real time each of their purchase orders status, coordinating correct procedures, customs, unloading trucks, cargo delivery to air companies, etc.
Agility enters every step of the process to system, so client has full visibility. This solution helps our client to always have accurate coordination, so reduce response times to any requirement, have on communication channel, reduce telephone conversations and emails. As we proactively have all cargo information, we are able to arrange booking with airlines with the best transit time and cost. This automation- end to end solution – is a synonymous of full integrated services.