Agility Sponsors Loyac’s KONTINUE Entrepreneur Program

KONTINUE aims to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in young people

KUWAIT – Feb. 4, 2024 – Agility, a supply chain services, infrastructure and innovation company, announced today’s its sponsorship of LOYAC’s KONTINUE youth entrepreneurship program, which aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs by helping them conceptualize, refine, fund and monetize their ideas.

LOYAC is a non-profit organization established in Kuwait in 2002 with the goal of helping young people develop into creative leaders who are able to make a positive impact in society. This is the second year Agility has sponsored KONTINUE.

KONTINUE is an expert-led, six-week program developed in collaboration with Babson College, a U.S. institution of higher learning that specializes in entrepreneurial leadership. The KONTINUE program provides ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners with the opportunity to learn, implement foundational entrepreneurial skills, and build the professional networks they need to start or grow a business.

“Agility has a long-standing commitment to education, capacity-building, and knowledge transfer programs that equip young people with skills they need to succeed and lead. LOYAC’s focus on  entrepreneurship echoes our own emphasis on it within Agility. We believe in KONTINUE’s power to inspire young people and transform economies, and we are committed to cultivating the same spirit and promoting it in our business and communities. KONTINUE’s success, inspirational nature, inclusivity, and alignment with our organizational values make it ideal for our support,” Agility Chairperson Henadi Al Saleh said.

Agility backs community-enabling initiatives and has partnerships in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Côte D’Ivoire, Ghana, India and Egypt, among other countries. In the last decade, Agility has reached more than 1 million people in need, providing funding for youth education, entrepreneurship, employment and digital training, and responding with resources in the aftermath of natural disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies.

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