Agility and Engineering Systems Group Join Forces to Train Kuwaiti Youth

Part of the fourth season of Kuwait’s Youth Public Authority’s Program

Kuwait – 5 March 2024– Agility Logistics Parks (ALP), a leading owner and developer of warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, joined Engineering Systems Group (ESG) to provide intensive facility management training for over 35 Kuwaiti youth and university graduates for the second year-in-a-row.

The intensive training program by ALP and ESG ran from November 5 to December 7 2023, and was a critical part of a greater capacity building program by Kuwait’s Youth Public Authority.

ALP and ESG partnered to provide training on industrial zones, real estate management, facility management, contract management and other essential skills.

The program also featured on-site sessions at ALP’s industrial and warehousing facilities, offering participants an opportunity to observe and assess ALP’s operations. All trainees were mandated to attend the program’s lectures and workshops and pass a final exam to earn their facility management certification.

Nader Sakeen, CEO ALP Kuwait and Gulf, said: “Nothing pleases us more at Agility than supporting Kuwaiti youth, especially equipping them for successful careers in the private sector. We are delighted to collaborate for the second time with the Public Authority for Youth and our colleagues at Engineering Systems Group. As the leading owner and developer of warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, Agility always welcomes such opportunities. Our doors are always open to support all our youth.”

Ahmed B. Al-Eisa Chairman and CEO of ESG, said: “Drawing from our experience at Engineering Systems Group, and guided by our mission to implement an integrated approach to project development and management, we recognize the importance of training and qualification in facility management, security, safety, and environment as a fundamental part of any successful project. We are pleased to collaborate with Agility and the Public Authority for Youth to train and qualify our national workforce, enhancing their practical skills and serving the aspirations of both public and private sectors by fostering a new generation of competitive Kuwaiti youth.”

The industry program is designed to expose the youth and graduates to various professional sectors.

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About Agility

Agility is a global leader in supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation with 45,000+ employees across six continents. A multi-business operator and investor, Agility specializes in growing and scaling operating businesses. Agility’s companies include the world’s largest aviation services company (Menzies Aviation); a global fuel logistics business (Tristar); the market leader in logistics parks across the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa (Agility Logistics Parks); and a commercial real-estate company developing a mega-mall in the UAE (UPAC). Other Agility companies offer customs digitization services, remote-site infrastructure services, defense and government services, and ecommerce-enablement and digital logistics. Agility invests in supply chain innovation, sustainability, and resilience, and has minority holdings in a growing portfolio of listed and non-listed companies.

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About Engineering Systems Group

Engineering Systems Group, established in 1999, provides project management services, construction management, technical and financial feasibility studies and engineering consultancy. It is also one of the leading companies in the facility management sector since 2005.

The company also has a skillful team of professionals, technological capabilities and partnerships in the FM field. ESG is one of the leading firms in Kuwait and the GCC that applied latest technologies in facility management such as 3D scanning devices and BIM systems. The company is also a MEFMA strategic partner for facility management and has the ISO 41000 – facilities management.

ESG’s experience varies from partnership projects to government projects, smart ports, the medical and industrial sector as well as other differentiated activities.