Agility Brazil’s Partnership with Mão Amiga

In a partnership that started in 2019, Agility Brazil collaborated with the Mão Amiga project in São Paulo to support 600 students by setting up a computer lab, donating 66 Chromebooks and video conferencing equipment, and starting a “Google for Education” initiative.

Students were obligated to continue their studies from home in 2020 due to COVID-19. By supplying Mão Amiga with the Chromebooks, the school was able to lend out the devices to students on a rotational basis to support social distance learning. This enabled the students to complete their coursework in time.

In 2021, Agility donated funds to build a science lab and a multimedia room to enhance the quality of the students’ education.

Mão Amiga was founded in 2002 as a civil society organization with a mission to break the cycle of poverty through quality education. They are a philanthropic school, formal and regular, offering an innovative model of education that serves close to 600 students from kindergarten to high school. They are part of an international VIS Foundation network that aims to assist in the management of humanitarian projects.

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