Sustainable Warehousing

Sustainability is a core element of our design and construction. It lowers energy costs, reduces waste, and protects the environment.

Green Warehouse Design Features

1Recycle Zone

Support customer's efforts to minimize impact to the environment

2Solar Panels

Designed to turn underutilitized rooftops to sources of clean energy

3Xeriscaping & Drought-Tolerant Plants

Reduces use of water in landscaping

4Edge Certification

Green building certification


Reduce electricity usage for daytime lighting.

6Roofing & Walls

Selected to ensure the greatest efficiency for the local climate. Dust-free indoor storage space. Repels heat, lowers indoor air temperature

7Low-Emitting Paint

Reduces health risks associated with emissions from conventional paint products

8LED Lighting (Interior/Exterior)

Lowers environmental impact and reduced energy costs for customers

9Regionally Sourced Building Materials

Reduces transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and boosts local economy