Agility Logistics Parks

International-standard warehousing parks and light industrial facilities in the world’s fastest growing markets.

Agility Logistics Parks is one of the largest private owners and developers of Grade A warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. It funds, builds, leases, and manages high quality, sustainably designed logistics services that include 24/7 security, power, connectivity and facilities management. Agility Logistics Parks offers access to transportation networks in strategic ready access to global multi-nationals, regional and local champions, and small and medium-sized companies alike.

What Sets Us Apart

ALP’s presence in 11 countries gives businesses access to fast-growing markets. Agility’s logistics parks and warehouses are strategically located near urban centers, road networks, ports, airports, and rail lines for quick access to major domestic and export markets.

Agility owns and develops world-class (Grade A) warehousing and light-industrial facilities, value-engineered with sustainable design features that lower costs and improve efficiency.

Agility Logistics Parks has 40 years of design, contracting, engineering, project management and facilities maintenance experience.

Our Footprint

Agility Logistics Parks help companies successfully enter, expand and manage their risk in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

Agility Footprint


Cote D’Ivoire




Middle East


Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Dammam

Mina Abdullah, Sulaiybiya, Doha, Fahaheel




South Asia

Gurgaon (NCR),
Ahmedebad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Goa, Chennai


Multi-National Companies

Agility Logistics Parks de-risk emerging markets for multi-nationals by lowering their capital costs and improving their efficiency and speed to market. ALP warehouses – built-to-suit or ready-built – meet the high standards and expectations of demanding multi-national customers, who bring international experience and a sophisticated understanding of their needs. Multi-nationals want efficient warehousing and distribution hubs that reduce their costs and give them an operational platform.

Local Market Leaders

Agility Logistics Parks provide export and growth platforms for successful companies looking to increase market share and enter new markets. Local market leaders competing against multi-nationals need access to international-standard warehousing facilities so they can expand – without worrying about hidden costs.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Agility Logistics Parks give small and medium-sized businesses the stable, secure, efficient warehousing and industrial facilities they need to expand and grow. SMEs save money and scale operations in move-in-ready facilities where their space can grow and flex with them. Agility Logistics Parks make it easier for SMEs to do business by providing more value from every square meter – for as little as three months’ deposit.

Our Customers

We serve multi-nationals, local market leaders, and small businesses with the international-standard warehousing, infrastructure and services they need to grow.

Industry Expertise

  • Automotive Manufacturers & Distributors

    Automotive Manufacturers & Distributors

  • E-Commerce Companies

    E-Commerce Companies

  • Multi-National & Local Retailers

    Multi-National & Local Retailers

  • FMCG Manufacturers & Distributors

    FMCG Manufacturers & Distributors

  • IT/Tech Companies  (Data Centers)

    IT/Tech Companies (Data Centers)

  • 3PL Logistics Companies

    3PL Logistics Companies

  • Light Industrial Manufacturers

    Light Industrial Manufacturers

  • Oil & Gas Service Providers

    Oil & Gas Service Providers

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