Emerging Markets Index 2022


An Optimistic 2022 Economic Outlook

Most logistics expert are optimistic about economic recovery in 2022 – but are still cautious for some countries. #AEMLI22

Supply Chain Disruption & High Rates

When will freight rates normalize? When will port congestion unwind? Logistics experts weigh in. #AEMLI22

What’s Roiling the Supply Chain

Port congestion, air capacity shortages and trucking issues have shaken the supply chain, but logistics experts predict recovery by the end of 2022. #AEMLI22

Where is economic recovery strongest?

Logistics experts say Asian markets are leading the way to economic recovery – here’s why. #AEMLI22

Future Growth Drivers

What's the logistics industry focused on for the future? Find out what experts are saying. #AEMLI22

Shippers Wary of Digital Forwarding

The shipping industry is in the midst of a technological revolution - what should digital forwarders focus on? #AEMLI22

Environmental Sustainability in Emerging Markets

Companies and logistics providers are moving rapidly to lower CO2 and green operations, as supply chain sustainability takes on added urgency. #AEMLI22

The Top 10 Emerging Markets for Logistics

Which emerging markets are top for logistics? Here’s the top 10. #AEMLI22

Who is Digitally Ready?

Emerging markets that lead in “new economy” areas like digital skills, e-commerce, sustainability, support for startups and innovators are building advantages over their competition. #AEMLI22

Gulf still strongest in business fundamentals

The Gulf countries are strongest when it comes to business fundamentals, owing to their business-friendly laws & regulations. #AEMLI22

Emerging Markets Index

News Release

Logistics industry executives see record freight rates and port disruption lingering well into 2022 - but are surprisingly optimistic about the global economy. They offer insights into strategic priorities, investments, sustainability, technology and digital forwarding in the 2022 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, which ranks the world's 50 top emerging markets by logistics infrastructure, business conditions and digital readiness.