Emerging Markets Index 2023


Investing in Emerging Markets

In spite of turmoil and uncertainty confronting emerging markets, most industry leaders are looking through a long lens when it comes to investment. #AEMLI23

Recession Outlook

How likely is a recession? Hear what logistics experts predict for 2023. #AEMLI23

Logistics Costs

How did the pandemic affect the logistics industry? Logistics experts weigh in. #AEMLI23

Views of China

How are companies viewing China? How does the country figure in their production plans? #AEMLI23

Sustainability & Climate Disruption

More businesses are committing to sustainability - find out where companies are setting their targets and how they plan to get there. #AEMLI23

Digital Forwarding

Technology is maturing at scale for digital forwarders - is it enough to take market share from traditional forwarders? #AEMLI23

Digitally Ready Markets

What makes an emerging economy “digitally ready”? Find out what the key factors are. #AEMLI23

Companies are Shifting Production

The pandemic has accelerated e-commerce adoption. But how will consumer habits evolve? #AEMLI23

E-commerce Momentum

The pandemic has accelerated e-commerce adoption. But how will consumer habits evolve? #AEMLI23

Gulf Economic Diversification

What are most important factors for economic diversification in the #Gulf? Find out what the experts say. #AEMLI23

African Trade

How will ACfTA affect trade across the African continent? Find out what logistics experts say are the new benefits of the agreement. #AEMLI23.

Emerging Markets Index

News Release

Nearly 70% of global logistics executives say they are bracing for recession amid higher costs, slowing demand, and ongoing supply chain disruption arising from China’s battle to contain COVID, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the impact of climate change. They offer insights into their emerging markets expansion strategy, sustainability commitments, sourcing resiliency, use of digital forwarding, and other priorities in the 2023 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, which ranks the world’s top 50 emerging markets based on their logistics infrastructure, business conditions, and digital readiness.