Preventing staggering stoppage fees with efficient procurement and shipping services

For a U.S. manufacturer of medium-sized and heavy trucks and diesel engines, it’s critical to operate an uninterrupted production line because a stoppage can cost as much as $9 million a day. Agility works to prevent stoppages by managing the company’s European procurement and export operations, leveraging our extensive road, sea and airfreight services – as well as providing the company with a 365/24/7 on-board courier service for urgent orders of truck and engine parts.
When the Agility office in Stuttgart, Germany, received a late-night, urgent order for parts, it procured them from Romania and moved them to Germany so they could be transported to our customer’s worldwide production plants the same day via on-board courier service on a passenger flight. The parts were delivered on time to the customer the following morning, and the production line kept running.