Moving more than 6,500 tons of modular refinery materials from China to Netherlands

When one of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies needed to assemble and move modules for a refinery, Agility serviced every facet of the project – keeping communication flowing between stakeholders, modifying engineering plans to keep pace with evolving designs, and delivering the modules to their final destination within a set timeline and budget. Agility began by moving parts into fabrication yards in China, where we managed coordination among engineering, manufacturing and logistics partners to produce to-spec modules.

Then, Agility provided three specialized ships large enough to move the cargo, guaranteeing transport availability even within shifting project timelines. Throughout the loading and sailing, Agility oversaw QHSSE aspects and continued that oversight as the ships reached the Netherlands and were unloaded. At the conclusion of the project, all operations had been managed safely and on time for the customer.