Meeting Delivery Deadlines by Overcoming Multiple Challenges

Moving oversized cargo from point A to point B is no easy task, especially when the shipments are transported through multiple challenges that included civil unrest, road strikes, insubstantial roads and bridges, and holiday schedule delays.

Agility did just that for YPFB, a state-owned energy company in Bolivia. Agility moved two large break-bulk shipments containing compressor… sets and ancillary products from the U.S. to Yacuiba in the deep south of Bolivia via Chile.

The first shipment comprised of 94 pallets and crates weighing 282 metric tons with 1,402 cubic meters of volume equivalent to about 35 forty-foot containers, which required 14 hard-to- find suspension trucks equipped to handle large loads. The second shipment was half the size and weight of the first.

Along the way, civil unrest and road strikes delayed the trucks as they were constantly blocked and stopped from entering the port. That led to the expiry of road permits and renewals were slowed by the Christmas holiday. To make up for the delay, Agility pre-alerted customs agents by transmitting the required documentation ahead to smooth the way for cross-border clearance from Chile into Bolivia. Detours were also taken through fields when bridges and small village roads proved too fragile for the massive loads.

Agility’s expertise and experience in operating under challenging conditions enabled it to meet delivery deadlines by using alternative, innovative solutions while keeping the consignments safe and damage-free.