Technology in action

Managing complex flows

Technology helps customers manage complex logistics challenges, improve collaboration, eliminate errors, and increase efficiency. Take the example of a European retailer looking to optimize a supply chain that involved buyer consolidation from 11 origin sites in four countries, along with exports to four destination countries with more than 300 suppliers.

Agility set up an Agility-staffed multi-country consolidation center in Colombo, Sri Lanka to handle cargo originating from India and Bangladesh for onward shipping to Argentina and Brazil. The center manages label inspection of more than a half-million pieces a month. Special arrangements such as back-to-back charter transport are used to deftly manage seasonal cycles, spikes in demand and even emergencies such as global shipping disruptions.

Underpinning it all is technology. Performance data collected by Agility is aggregated directly into the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The resulting visibility gives the retailer the enormous advantage of remaining flexible with shipment plans right up to the point of loading. The end result: tighter lead times on cargo movement, plus reduced handling and storage fees at destination. Even with demanding lead times to accommodate sourcing and distribution of finished products from diverse suppliers across the Indian subcontinent, Agility ensures its customer’s stores are refreshed each week with new styles.

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