Shell Eco-marathon

The race to utra-efficiency is exemplified by this Shell organized annual event combining innovation and collaboration to deliver vehicles that will go farther with less energy.

The checkered flag waves and sleek racecars start their journey around the track. But this isn’t your standard auto-racing experience. This is the Shell Eco-marathon, an annual program of competitions that challenges student teams from universities around the world to design, build, test and compete their own ultra energy– efficient vehicles.

Shell Eco-marathon programs are held annually in Asia, the Americas and Europe, and consist of two competitions. First is the Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge in which students compete to see whose car design can go the farthest on the least amount of fuel. Second is the Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship, which combines the proven energy efficiency of the design team’s vehicle with the speed, skill and strategy of their driver in a race to see who can cross the finish line first.

There are two classes of vehicles in the Mileage Challenge: cars in the “Prototype” class are designed for maximum efficiency, while the “UrbanConcept” class features vehicles with more practical designs. All cars feature electric batteries, hydrogen fuel, or internal combustion engines.

Teams compete in regional competitions in Asia (Singapore, March 2018); the Americas (California, April 2018); and Europe (London, July 2018); with the flagship event and finals taking place in London this summer.

For the third year in a row, Agility is the official logistics provider of the Shell Eco-marathon. In this role, Agility provides student teams with technical advice required to transport their vehicles safely, including best practices for packing and following customs procedures and requirements.

Agility will also provide the students with safe and affordable options to ship vehicles and related equipment to and from the event locations. For students who choose to ship their cars with Agility, teams on the ground will manage receipt, handling and final delivery. They will also provide on-site logistics support to all teams.

The Singapore event took place in March with Team Semar Urban UGM Indonesia from the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia winning first place in the UrbanConcept category. The top three UrbanConcept finishers from each regional event will compete at the Driver’s World Championship at London’s Olympic Park, each vying for the title of “world’s fastest, most efficient driver.”

Shell Eco-marathon is about using innovation and collaboration to deliver mobility solutions that will contribute to vehicles going farther with less energy– a vision that fits in nicely with Agility’s environmental goals. Agility has and continues to invest in energy-efficient technologies, including Hyliion, an add-on system that brings the advantages of hybrid energy to tractor-trailers, and CargoX and Homoola, which use technology to bring efficiency to road freight. Meanwhile, Agility’s corporate venture arm, Agility Ventures, partners with start-ups championing technologies that can help build faster, more secure, and more sustainable supply chains.

Agility has a globally recognized corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, which includes environmental sustainability. It has received a silver rating from EcoVadis, an independent supplier sustainability rating agency, and tracks fuel and energy consumption and related CO2 emissions in its top operations.

Agility is the official logistics provider of the Shell Eco-marathon.